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Elevators installed with more than 4 inches of “gap space” between the hoistway doors and the elevator car doors can pose a serious safety risk. Children may become entrapped in the space and could be seriously injured or killed. This risk can be reduced with the proper installation of space guards at each floor.

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Invest in a High-Quality Dumbwaiter!

Invest in a High-Quality Dumbwaiter Preferred Elevator

Any dumbwaiter that our mechanics install will have the best quality.

Any dumbwaiter that our mechanics install will have the best quality on the market. We partner with Matot and Inclinator to ensure that every dumbwaiter meets and exceeds our commercial and residential customers’ expectations. By now, you might be wondering what features a high-quality dumbwaiter offers. Allow us to share four of those features with you!

Various Weight Capacities 

Within a residential setting, a dumbwaiter’s weight capacity is typically no more than 200 pounds. In a commercial environment, dumbwaiters can hold up to at least 500 pounds, and in some cases 750 pounds! When you think about how much weight you’d like your lift to carry, keep a few functions in mind. One day you might decide that you would prefer not to carry the groceries up the stairs. The next day, you might not want to lug a load of laundry downstairs. 

At your restaurant, one moment, your waiters or waitresses will need to transport a few glasses versus a few plates of food. The point is that how you plan to use your dumbwaiter will change what your weight requirements will need to be. High-quality dumbwaiters will allow home and business owners to transport various items. 

An Appropriate Platform Size 

If you decide that you want a dumbwaiter installed in your commercial kitchen, ensure that the kitchen trays you use will fit appropriately to your dumbwaiter’s dimensions. We offer custom-built dumbwaiters to make transporting items simple for your daily business operations. 

A High-Quality Dumbwaiter Will Have Safety Features 

The proper safety mechanisms are necessary for any lift. Dumbwaiters come equipped with interlocks that latch access doors while the dumbwaiter is in use other than the level on which the dumbwaiter sits. 

An Attractive Appearance 

Dumbwaiter cars have practical use. However, they can come in various finishes. When you choose a dumbwaiter, you might want to consider the style of the room or house, to match the overall aesthetic.  Additionally, a high-quality selection of access doors will add some charm to your home or business. 

Preferred Elevator: We’re On the Up and Up!

For over a decade, Preferred Elevator has served residents in Central Maryland, Baltimore, and Washington, DC. You can rely on our experienced home installation team and quality products.

For our commercial elevator clients, we also provide annual inspections of your equipment to adhere to standards established by the state of Maryland. During these inspections, we make sure that your commercial mobility product is functioning correctly and efficiently. We’ll also go over all safety devices and customized features offered within your plan!

Get in touch with us! Our business hours are Monday-Friday 8 am -5 pm. Reach us by phone at 410-238-2555, or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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