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Elevators installed with more than 4 inches of “gap space” between the hoistway doors and the elevator car doors can pose a serious safety risk. Children may become entrapped in the space and could be seriously injured or killed. This risk can be reduced with the proper installation of space guards at each floor.

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At Preferred Elevator, we work only with premier manufacturers in the industry, to ensure that your home or commercial elevator installation is safe, reliable, and attractive. We’re proud to collaborate with the following manufacturers, to bring you the best products available.

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Bruno LogoBruno mobility products are known for their high-quality design and reliable performance. Family-owned and made in the USA, Bruno’s products include both commercial and residential stairlifts, vertical platform lifts, turning automotive seats and chairlifts. Bruno understands that this industry is about people, and about helping customers maintain a high quality of life within their own homes.

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Cambridge Elevating


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Custom Elevator/LULA

Custom Elevator LogoMore than 150 years of experience in the manufacture, installation, and service of various types of elevators means that a Custom installation is a smooth and efficient installation. Custom Elevator provides full manufacturer’s support throughout the entire installation process, and continues to provide service after the sale. Again, as with our other manufacturers, at Custom Elevator the focus is on people, and they work with us to ensure that a Custom installation results in a happy customer.

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Inclinator Company of America LogoInclinator is the only residential elevator manufacturer that offers fully customizable personal elevator solutions to fit any space, so that you can enjoy many more years in your own home with independence and flexibility.

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Matot LogoMatot manufactures dumbwaiters and material lifts to meet various size and weight requirements. In the vertical movement business since 1888, Matot provides ease, efficiency, and reliability with the most advanced lift solution technology on the market. Matot’s standard and custom-built dumbwaiters and lift solutions are made with your design and lift needs in mind.

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PFlow LogoVertical Reciprocating Conveyors (VRC) transport materials of all shapes, sizes, and weights between two or more levels. PFlow can assist you with custom-engineered hydraulic, mechanical, and fully automated systems.

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Staying Home Corporation



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