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Elevators installed with more than 4 inches of “gap space” between the hoistway doors and the elevator car doors can pose a serious safety risk. Children may become entrapped in the space and could be seriously injured or killed. This risk can be reduced with the proper installation of space guards at each floor.

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Matot Floor Load DumbwaiterThere is no need to risk accidents, back strain, or muscle ache by carrying heavy materials from floor to floor, when a dumbwaiter can do the work for you. A dumbwaiter is a small elevator installed to facilitate easy transportation of materials from one floor to the other; and while its name might be light-hearted, its function is anything but light. A residential or commercial dumbwaiter can be an excellent addition to a home or business, to significantly reduce the work involved in moving whatever needs to be moved across multiple levels. Safety always comes first, and dumbwaiters are designed to carry a wide range of materials, from lighter items like dinnerware, to heavy items like groceries and luggage. If you’re in the market for a sensible solution to running the stairs, these handy inventions might be the solution for you. If you’re faced with mobility challenges due to aging or living with a disability, a dumbwaiter can reduce your burden so that you’ll not cause further strain on your body by carrying objects around your house.

As you’re deciding which size and model dumbwaiter might be right for you, it’s important to take its purpose into consideration, and Preferred Elevator can help you assess and determine your exact need. We install, improve, update, and maintain dumbwaiters throughout all towns in Maryland, from Bethesda to Rockville to Fulton. If you’re beginning the process of adjusting your home for future accessibility needs, a dumbwaiter is an excellent place to start. If you can avoid the added stress of carrying items between floors, it’s very possible that stairs will present less of a challenge to you than they otherwise might.

In commercial applications, dumbwaiters can ferry food from kitchens up to hungry hotel guests, transport bank documents from one office to another, and safely deliver medical files and equipment from one floor to another in hospitals and doctor’s offices. Available in wood and stainless steel, we provide installation of dumbwaiters for both residential and commercial customers, in a variety of options to fit your needs and budget. Interested in learning more about what a dumbwaiter can do to help make your life easier? Contact us today for a free assessment.

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