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Three Indicators That You Need A Residential Elevator

Did you know that residential elevators are now becoming popular?

Did you know that residential elevators are becoming more and more popular? They are an excellent addition to any home. A home elevator adds convenience for you, your loved ones, or any guests visiting your home. It even makes your home more valuable if you plan on selling it sometime in the future. We could name a lot of reasons why investing in a residential elevator is the right decision, but keep reading for the top 3 reasons you need a home elevator.

1) Do You Struggle To Climb The Stairs?

Aging means that our bodies perform differently than they used to. If you find that you’re having problems walking up and down the steps, then a residential elevator is right for you. Often, older adults may choose to move into a rancher to make their lifestyles more comfortable. Investing in a residential elevator means that you don’t have to downsize or adjust to a new living condition.

2) Are You Responsible for Taking Care Of Elders?

If your parents are aging, you may feel the need to take care of them. If you know that they have mobile limitations, then it may be best for you to have a residential elevator installed. You can ensure that they’ll be comfortable throughout their golden years by making sure that they can move to each floor with ease, especially if falling is a significant concern.

3) Does Your Home Have at Least Three Stories?

If your home has a lot of floors, it can become tiresome to maneuver through the many levels of your home.  Do you shop often? Imagine the convenience of no longer needing to tug, lift, or drag bags or items from downstairs to upstairs. A residential elevator is also convenient if you regularly have guests over. They will be able to maneuver through your home conveniently and in style. Residential elevators have customizable options, adding polish and visual appeal to your home.

Another Consideration

If you love hosting outdoor events, Preferred Elevator also installs vertical wheelchair lifts that you can use to accompany your residential elevator. A lack of mobility doesn’t have to limit a person’s options. At Preferred Elevator, we provide solutions to make sure that you and your loved ones can maneuver through life with ease.

Preferred Elevator: We’re On the Up and Up!

For 11 years, Preferred Elevator has served residents in Central Maryland, Baltimore, and Washington, DC. You can rely on our experienced home installation team and quality products.

For our commercial elevator clients, we also provide annual inspections of your equipment to adhere to standards established by the state of Maryland. During these inspections, we make sure that your commercial mobility product is functioning correctly and efficiently. We’ll also go over all safety devices and customized features offered within your plan!

Get in touch with us! Our business hours are Monday-Friday 8 am -5 pm. Reach us by phone at 410-238-2555, or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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