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Elevators installed with more than 4 inches of “gap space” between the hoistway doors and the elevator car doors can pose a serious safety risk. Children may become entrapped in the space and could be seriously injured or killed. This risk can be reduced with the proper installation of space guards at each floor.

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A Few Dumbwaiter FAQs

Dumbwaiter FAQs Preferred Elevator

Matot Floor Load Dumbwaiter

Today we’re going to provide a few dumbwaiter FAQs. While this company’s name is Preferred Elevator, we don’t only offer residential and LULA elevators. We offer stairlifts, wheelchair lifts, and material lifts, and of course, dumbwaiters. Dumbwaiters are cost-effective for commercial spaces, but they can make a difference in the residential

realm as well. If you’re considering adding a dumbwaiter to your home, here are a few things that you should know. 

What Exactly is a Dumbwaiter? 

A dumbwaiter is a small lift, which was originally used to bring food up to a restaurant from a kitchen below. You could also use it to later transport empty dishes back down from the dining room. Dumbwaiters were hidden, essential devices in many mansions, cafes, and restaurants. The main point to understand about a dumbwaiter is that it’s like a mini-elevator. However, you can’t use it to transport people, only goods. 

How Does This Lift Work?

The history of dumbwaiters shows that humans powered the first versions of dumbwaiters. Early dumbwaiters involved a rope looped around a pulley or rafter that a person had to control manually. Thankfully, the modern dumbwaiter is electronic, and merely the push of a button transports items between floors. Also, you can use modern-day dumbwaiters to transport groceries, luggage, and laundry! 

What Are the Benefits of Residential Dumbwaiters?

Most people can relate to carrying multiple, heavy grocery store bags or luggage up and down the stairs. It isn’t fun for anyone, regardless of a person’s age. When you pick up heavy objects, it can cause back pain and strain on the joints. The benefit of adding a dumbwaiter to your home is the same benefit that employees gain when a business owner invests in a material lift. Just like someone working in the industrial field, a homeowner will find it beneficial when a device can do all of the hard work for them. 

A dumbwaiter doesn’t only benefit the elderly community. Dumbwaiters help solve mobility issues, but if you have a large family and home, a dumb waiter could save you from making multiple trips and taking unnecessary stress off your body. 

Who Manufactures the Dumbwaiters That Preferred Elevator Offers? 

The answer is Matot. Matot offers many dumbwaiter configurations that can fit well in any business or home. Matot is a proud woman-owned company with over 100 years of experience in helping businesses and homeowners transport materials. 

If you’re interested in adding a dumbwaiter to your home or any of our other products, reach out to Preferred Elevator today. When our valued customers have questions, we have answers! 

Preferred Elevator: We’re On the Up and Up!

For over a decade, Preferred Elevator has served residents in Central Maryland, Baltimore, and Washington, DC. You can rely on our experienced home installation team and quality products.

For our commercial elevator clients, we also provide annual inspections of your equipment to adhere to standards established by the state of Maryland. During these inspections, we make sure that your commercial mobility product is functioning correctly and efficiently. We’ll also go over all safety devices and customized features offered within your plan!

Get in touch with us! Our business hours are Monday-Friday 8 am -5 pm. Reach us by phone at 410-238-2555, or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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